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Fibre Optic

Solutions for installaition of OPGW/ADSS on existing lines:

•  Under live line conditions
•  Under single circuit outages
•  Splicing, testing & commissioning

Steel Products Ltd. has carried out the following work:

•  548.186 km of ADSS under Live Line condition and 348.211 km of OPGW (outage condition) as a sub-contractor to PIRELLI for PGCIL's Southern Region Project in the year 2003-04.
•  50 km of OPGW installation on Live Line for ALSTOM (now AREVA) for Jindal Steel and Power Ltd., during the year 2006.
•  310.125 km of OPGW on Live Line as a Consortium Member of BGR Energy System Ltd for Tamilnadu Electricity Board.
•  We have recently been awarded with a Contract No.NRTCC/CS/Delhi-Meerut Link/08-09/494/Pkg-A/1292 dated 06.05.2009 from PGCIL for installation of 91 km of OPGW on Live Line, out of which 56 km has already been completed and balance is on going.

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OPGW Live Line Stringing

Inaugaration of Meerut - Mandola Line

Inaugaration of Meerut - Mandola Line